Healthy Eating Manual

Healthy Eating Choose Less Sugar


This mini-lesson focuses on the astonishing amount of sugar in today’s food supply and the consequences for health.

Through discussions and activities, participants will become aware of the sources and amounts of sugar in foods and especially beverages. Practical tips will help participants make lower sugar choices.

By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the health risks of a diet that is high in sugar.
  • Identify foods and beverages that are particularly high in sugar.
  • Read food labels to determine the amount of sugar in packaged foods and beverages.
  • Discuss the appropriate use of artificial sweeteners in helping to reduce sugar.
  • Suggest lower sugar beverage choices.
  • Suggest ways to reduce the amount of sugar at meals and snacks.

The "Sugar Shock" Activity provides an opportunity for participants to practice the skills listed above.

Healthy Eating

Choose Less Sugar

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Consommer moins de sucre

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