Healthy Eating Manual

Introduction ToHealthy Eating


Healthy Eating Check-Up PDF

Questionnaire to participants. These 15 questions will give you a general idea of how healthy your current eating habits are. Choose the one answer to each question that fits you best. Mark your score for each question in the "Your Score" column.

Personal Action Plan for Healthy Eating PDF

Handout to participants. Choose a small change that you will be able to do. Be specific about what you will do... "The changes I would like to make to my eating habits are..."

Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide

One for each participant, found at:

Healthy Eating Check-up Discussion Points

For the Leader - review before starting the session.

You will also need:

  • Pencils for each participant.
  • Optional: food models to demonstrate Food Guide Servings or other visual props (see the Healthy Eating Manual reference section for more ideas).
  • Optional: promotional materials from - fridge magnets, bookmarks, and tear sheets, available at no cost through Service Ontario Publications ( Look under Browse Catalogues > Health Programs > EatRight Ontario / Healthy Eating.

If literacy is an issue, you may want to read through each question with the group, as well as use other teaching aids like food models, food pictures, etc.

Introduction To

Healthy Eating

Download Lesson 1: Introduction to Healthy Eating

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