Healthy Eating Manual

Healthy Eating Out


Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide

One for each person.

Test Your Know-How! Surprising Food Facts Quiz PDF

Quiz. One for each person.

Healthy Eating Out PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint with speaker notes for the Leader.

Activity Cards: What can you do? Solutions for Healthy Eating Out

Small group activity.

Optional Handouts:

  • You Can Ask for smaller portions PDF
  • You Can Ask for more veggies PDF
  • You Can Ask for healthy foods for your kids PDF

You will also need:

  • Pencils

To help those with low literacy, the activities may be completed in small groups. Encourage one person from each group to be the recorder for the group.

Healthy Eating with

Vegetables and Fruit

Download Lesson 7: Healthy Eating Out

PDF PDF | PowerPoint PPT PPT