Healthy Eating Manual

Healthy Eating Out


This mini-lesson is designed to encourage participants to make healthier choices when they go out to eat.

Through examples and activities, participants will identify some of the challenges of eating out and will discuss healthy solutions to these challenges.

By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the challenges of eating out related to:
    • large portion sizes,
    • lack of vegetables, and
    • limited healthy choices for kids
  • Discuss solutions to the challenges of eating out.
  • Identify healthier restaurant choices.
  • Suggest ways to ask for healthier restaurant choices.

Participants will discover some surprising restaurant food facts by completing the Quiz: Test Your Know-How! Surprising Foods Facts.

A small group activity will provide an opportunity for participants to discuss some of the challenges of eating out and discover solutions for making healthier choices.

Healthy Eating


Download Lesson 7: Healthy Eating Out

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Download French Lesson 7:
La saine alimentation lorsqu’on sort manger

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