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Being a Successful Leader

Chances are you've picked up this manual/entered this site because you are personally interested in healthy eating and are committed to good health.

That's great!

This program is banking on you to combine this personal interest and commitment to good health with your experience as a leader to get the healthy eating message out to more people.

Planning Tips for Leaders

  1. Take some time to read the session completely.

    The background information for leaders will update you on current healthy eating issues. Go through the lesson(s) in advance so that you are familiar with the information and the process. There may be work sheets to be copied, resources to be ordered or extra pens and pencils needed for writing activities. If you can?t quite picture how a lesson will work, ask a friend or family member to go through it with you.

  2. Obtain the handout material well in advance.

    Handout material is an important part of the mini lesson. Most of the recommended resources are free, but must be ordered in advance. Allow four to six weeks for delivery of the materials unless you know that the materials may be picked up with a few days notice. Some of the materials can be downloaded directly from the Healthy Eating Manual website. Allow time for printing / copying.

  3. Link up with a Registered Dietitian or Public Health Nutritionist in your community

    Pilot testing of these resources showed that the community leaders who had access to training and/or advice from local Public Health Nutrition Professionals were able to use the manual most effectively. Contact Public Health Nutrition Professionals in your community by contacting your local Ontario Health Unit. These nutrition experts know the community well and can either help you directly or point you to other community resources.

    Here are some points to discuss with the Registered Dietitian or Public Health Nutritionist:

    • Would they be interested in leading the mini-lesson?
    • Would they like to team teach the program with you?
    • Discuss the hand out material you are planning to use ~ do they have additional resource materials for program participants?
    • Can people in your group call them directly?

    For contact information about local community agencies speak to the Registered Dietitians at ( or Telehealth Ontario at 1.866.797.0000)

  4. Plan with your group in mind

    The ideal size for these mini lessons is 15-20 people. If the group is larger you will need more time for discussions. If you are working with people from different cultural backgrounds, a smaller size group or longer time for discussion may be needed. As well, you will also need to use examples of foods and food preparation methods that are relevant to that particular cultural group.

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The Healthy Eating Manual

Getting Started

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