Healthy Eating Manual

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About the Lessons

Although there are many aspects to healthy eating, these mini lessons focus on topics important for 2011 and beyond:

  1. Introduction to Healthy Eating (based on Canada's Food Guide)
  2. Healthy Eating the Lower Sodium Way
  3. Healthy Eating with Whole Grains
  4. Healthy Eating with Fats on the Menu
  5. Healthy Eating with More Fibre
  6. Healthy Eating with Vegetables and Fruit
  7. Healthy Eating OUT
  8. Healthy Eating: Choose Less Sugar

Each topic area is supported by:

  • A complete mini-lesson on the topic: Each mini-lesson takes 30-45 minutes and focuses on 1 or 2 KEY concepts using quizzes and other interactive learning activities. The lessons are very structured so that you can lead participants through the lesson even if you don't have a background in nutrition. Each lesson is designed as a complete unit however, since all the lessons are based on Healthy Eating, it makes most sense to start with Mini Lesson 1: Introduction to Healthy Eating and then proceed with the other lessons in whatever order you like.
  • Background information and resources for each mini lesson: Each mini lesson includes a leader's discussion guide. Mini-Lessons 2-8 include a PowerPoint presentation to support the discussion
  • Recommended Handouts: A key part of the mini-lesson plan are materials on the topic area that participants can take home. Recommended handouts are included with each mini-lesson (as easy-to-print downloads or easy-to-order handouts).
The Healthy Eating Manual

Getting Started

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